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Ca'Nicassio a Bed and Breakfast Welcome to our home, a bed and breakfast. Ca'Nicassio offers 3 lovely rooms at reasonable rates. See Italy like a native!

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Cantine Aperta nelle Marche (Open wineries in Le Marche region of

Cantine Aperta nelle Marche (Open wineries in Le Marche region of

May 20, 2011Distinti Saumi

May 20, 2011Distinti Saumi


Some more facts on Le Marche. Le Marche has 70 theaters,500 piazzas,400 museums,1000 monuments from abbeys to churches to catsles,34 archeological sites,2 ancient roman roads and 18 borgos!


Some pictures from La Turba presented by Cantiano every Good Friday.

La Turba

La Turba

Piazza del Gusto

Piazza del Gusto


Happy Mothers' Day to everyone. Here it is callled La Festa della Mama and they pass out yellow mimosa flowers to all the women.


A wonderful spring day! Cantiano is hosting its annual Piazza del Gusto festival this weekend. Its a great little local festival centered around bread. Cantiano is one of the citta' del pane.(city of bread.) There are stands for local products and crafts,music and of course wine.


The second Turba went very well last night. Our guests were off to Assisi yesterday,today Gubbio.Hope everyones enjoys this special presentation of the passion play.


A wonderful Pasqua! This weekend in Cagli is Distinti Salumi-a great 2 day slow food event showcasing salumi and wines from all over the world.


Ca'Nicassio is a small B&B, run by two retired Americans who love Italy and would like to share our experiences and the culture of this fascinating place with others. We have three rooms at reasonable rates. Visit out web page for more info.


Via Borgo Palcano


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