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Copying and pasting and fully agreeing.

1. We are all ok. This is a flu, guys, it's not the plague. And to be honest, it is not the hardest flu ever.

2. Italian healthcare is one of the best in the world. And, unbelievable, it is 100% for free. No insurance plan, no credit card. Health in Italy is a a primary right for everyone, even for you when visiting this amazing country.

3. Milan is not controlled by the military police, people live, love, walk and work as usual. Our Health Authorities have made the decision of suspending many activities involving large communities, as schools, gyms, movie theatres, concerts JUST to reduce the risk of contamination. We had more or less 800 positive cases only because we carried out the test over almost 10.000 people out of 60 million of people. In the US you had around 20 cases out of 400 tests...but omg, only 400 tests out of 300 million people!!!!

4. The real virus we must take care of is ignorance and racism. Ignorance of Other nationalities complaining against Chinese people; ignorance of the press, ignorance of the many opinion leaders, ignorance of many many politicians.

Spring is close. Summer is not too far.
Buy a ticket, book a room and come to Italy.

You'll find sun, food, fun, culture and art, as always!


Special Guest! I would like to do a party with all of you! Just to see all those people that in the last years give me so much! Thanks to be so special!



Leave your luggage close to you and enjoy the city
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36 Hours in Milan
36 Hours in Milan

36 Hours in Milan

Italy’s capital of fashion and design is expanding its horizons as new cultural projects open in former industrial zones.


Certo che avere ospiti che entrano in casa e dicono “whow” fa un certo piacere!!! 😉




Here we are!!!


Here we are!!! 😉


Qualcosa di nuovo, e molto prestigioso, arriverà ...



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