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Indian Hills Inn Taos Plaza 40+ year small business owner in Taos run out by the Town of Taos government.. Discouraging potential travelers, business owners from wasting time visiting Taos.

Operating as usual

Slenes Realty Consultants, Inc.

Slenes Realty Consultants, Inc.

Fellow REALTORS and friends, NAR's RPAC just proves WHY I never donate to PACs. No one knows my principles better than I do and there will NEVER be a rational reason to support any leftist loon candidate such as Ben Ray Lujan running for the US Senate from New Mexico! There's a post on GAAR saying RPAC donated to Lujan, it's worse than the $458K mentioned above - it's over $1.5 mill according to this report! Folks, perhaps our goals should include terminating RPAC! I'd LOVE to see RPAC's excuses/reasons for supporting a leftist loon like Lujan to that level! He's anti free speech, anti gun, anti life, anti Constitution, basically anti American! It's mostly because he's second in command to Pelosi so they're hoping there will be some benefit there (very unlikely worth $1.5 Mill! Donate to, support, and vote for Mark Ronchetti!

NOTE - click the box below, it'll take you to the page. Fakebook must not like the facts I share.

✅ New Mexico uses a real estate contract for some real estate purchases with seller financing. RECs are often used so th...
Do You Need Title Insurance? - FindLaw

✅ New Mexico uses a real estate contract for some real estate purchases with seller financing. RECs are often used so the buyer doesn't have to qualify for a new loan and may enable a transaction with lower downpayment. I am NOT an attorney, this is NOT legal advice.
✅ A friend called earlier today with questions about the sale of some family RE. It's the 3rd or 4th sale of this property. All have been via REC. All have been done directly with buyer & seller, no lawyers, no RE brokers, no title companies, no title insurance.
✅ If you decide to do such a transaction, you might want to consider some potential problem areas. As a buyer, how do you know the seller title is clean & clear? Are you skilled, able, willing to do a title search on your own? Does this seller have the ability to transfer legal title to the property to you? Have all the documents that can/will transfer title been properly completed, adequately notarized, how will they be held during the period financing is in effect?
✅ I am by no means a big fan of title insurance BUT for what may be one of your largest life purchases, putting financial loss risk to someone else (the title insurance company) makes sense. Most RE transactions in NM provide for an owners title policy which generally guarantees the title the seller is providing is clean & clear from many/most title issues. Especially important when a property has been sold repeated times and the title may or may not have been properly transferred at each step in the numerous prior sales efforts.
✅ It is also important to have a unrelated 3rd party collect & account for all payments made on the REC. That escrow company usually also holds the actual title transferring documents, a general warrant deed from the seller to the buyer for use when the REC is paid in full and a special warranty deed from the REC buyer back to the seller for use if the buyer fails to meet the terms of the REC and the seller repossesses the property. NOTE: When paid in full, the buyer should make certain the warranty deed is recorded with the county clerk redecoration office ASAP after receipt. If repossessed, the seller needs to do the same with the special warranty deed.
✅ Most sellers and buyers would do well to utilize the services of a RE broker or attorney or title company in aiding with the transfer of RE title. Yes, they all cost money but probably less today than 10, 15, or longer in the future. If there are title issue many years in the future, the costs & time of a quiet title suit will likely be much larger than the costs of proper handling today.

One of the first questions you'll face when you buy a home is whether you need title insurance. Find out information to help you answer this question, and others, at FindLaw's section on Buying a Home.

Some of our connections have questioned why we're negative about Taos. As I'm cleaning out old files, I'm reminded about...
Why We're Losing Liberty

Some of our connections have questioned why we're negative about Taos. As I'm cleaning out old files, I'm reminded about MANY employee thefts of tools, equipment, embezzlements, and amazing dishonest actions & behaviors. We've bought so much and ended with little, the irritation Q is easily brought back to the fore. We've also crossed paths with "guests" AKA scam artists who mooched off us for extended periods of time. One such couple with young daughter when we finally threw them out ended up suing US via ACLU (useless as usual) and never serving us correctly BUT winning in the fraud filled local magistrate court. We'd been so beaten down by the Town of Taos at that point, we didn't have the extra cash necessary to employ another attorney and fight it.

The files also remind of of some of the KEY people, employee s, groups, & Guests who bring back some absolutely GREAT memories. We also supported quite a few charitable organizations and festivals including the UNM Lobo Ski Team.

It's now been a year since the sale to new owners finalized. I understand they've been busy with their upgrading project. I suspect they are approaching re-opening the property with a new name. While we wish them success, I'll remain a committed #NeverTaos former business owner. Taos actions against us are just a tiny example of part of the loss of freedom & liberty at the hands of a tyrannical piss ant local government!

Was the Constitution written in a way that was designed to protect freedom and limit the government's size? Has it been effective in doing that? And what's the Supreme Court's record when it comes to protecting our rights? Robert George, Professor of Jurisprudence at Princeton University, answers th...

✅ Which is more RADICAL, the left or the right?✅ MILLIONS of minds can be changed with education!✅ PragerU provides 5 mi...
Who's More Radical: The Left or the Right?

✅ Which is more RADICAL, the left or the right?
✅ MILLIONS of minds can be changed with education!
✅ PragerU provides 5 minute video clips that teach.
✅ PragerU has earned, deserves, & needs YOUR help.
✅ Watch, share, like, comment, donate - just do it!
✅ Which America do you want your children & grand children to experience, live in?
✅ When FAKEBOOK fails/refuses to show the linked thumbnail, that's called CENSORSHIP BY THE NAZIS! First time posted, FB did NOT show the link!

What would America look like if the Left got everything it wanted? What would America look like if the Right got everything it wanted? PragerU’s Will Witt fleshes out each of these scenarios in this provocative thought experiment.

✅ People who are NOT self employed are clueless about the hurt, anger,worries, financial challenges that every small bus...
Devastated Business Owner Likely Won’t Reopen After Looting

✅ People who are NOT self employed are clueless about the hurt, anger,worries, financial challenges that every small business owner faces every day.
✅ What's the difference when a business is destroyed by violent destructive BLM or ANTIFA tyrants, local (Taos) employees/vagrants, or government tyrants? Essentially, NONE!
✅ OK, some, the employees, thugs, & vagrants are acting dishonestly & illegally and the government has passed a myriad of laws most businesses may not know, can't fight, and certainly may not be able to deal with.
✅ We essentially lost a lifetime of work, focus, energy, investment, & retirement to the local employees (in Taos), the vagrants/squatters/thieves (of Taos), & piss ant Town of Taos government & bureaucrats.
✅ Were we perfect business operators, heck no but we managed to operate for 45 years mostly successfully. The economic collapse caused by 9/11 hurt like hell, we struggled & nearly recovered. The 2008 depression was not successfully survived by us. Pile on employee & vagrant dishonesty & theft and the burden became too much for us. Compound that with multiple family members (mother, father, wife, son) with death & serious health issues (surgery, cancer, etc.) and we couldn't keep up.
✅ I ask EVERY viewer to pray for every small business owner whose life work, investment, & focus has been destroyed by ANTIFA, BLM, vagrants, employees and/or the government TYRANNY! The end result is often depression, financial issues, and more. We're lucky AND thankful that we're prospering, surviving, and moving positively forward with life.
✅ Although thie linked photo& story is about Illinois, parts of our business looked as bad after destruction & damages by others. THE point is we thank God every day that we're no longer in the hotel business in Taos, NM! #NeverTaos

Hak Tong Kim watched in disbelief Sunday as City Fashion, a clothing store he opened nine years ago Bronzeville, was looted and ransacked Sunday. “I was so upset. I’m so sad,” said Kim, who stood in the broken window of his store for hours, a wrench in hand, pleading with looters to leave it a...

Any Taos area owners of rural property, take note! #NeverTaos
Slenes Realty Consultants, Inc.

Any Taos area owners of rural property, take note! #NeverTaos

✅ Warning to property owners, sellers, & buyers with on site waste/sewage systems - new regs beginning July 1, 2020!
✅ There's a new fee brought to you from your lawmakers & bureaucrats in Santa Fe.
✅ This is CRITICAL if you have a pending sale that may need such a report.
✅ Good luck & enjoy the many benefits brought to you by the SF Swamp (similar to the DC Swamp) - high rigor, low relevance! Elections have consequences (the shutodown of the state for 3 months with absolutely no data driven decisions).

Slenes Realty Consultants, Inc.
Slenes Realty Consultants, Inc.

Slenes Realty Consultants, Inc.

✅ While I'm still licensed (50 years plus), I'm focused on other investment avenues...I still wish to share thoughts & ideas with past customers, friends, et al!
✅ Today's LOW interest rates offer possible benefits to buyers/owners.
✅ First, a buyer may decide to go big then go home as they as they may qualify for a larger home than expected.
✅ On the other hand, a buyer may decide to shorten the loan term to build equity faster...down to 25, 20, 15, even 10 years.
✅ We wish everyone the best as we slowly exit from the general lockdown!
✅ If you're needing RE service, I'll gladly discuss your situation and help you figure out the best avenue to achieve YOUR goals & objectives.

* If you got a friend request from me, I'm seeking/growing my friend list as part of my effort to encourage (beg) fellow...
Democrat Activists Caught Teaching Illegals How To Vote Twice

* If you got a friend request from me, I'm seeking/growing my friend list as part of my effort to encourage (beg) fellow small government people to become ACTIVISTS!
* You'll find that I am mostly focused on educating those around us, connections, family, co-workers, and neighbors.
* IMNSHO the ONLY way we can pull the America we love back from the precipice of the socialism cliff is huge numbers of active and educated citizen voters.
* Believe me that the left is loaded for bear when it comes to activism while the right is too often too busy with earning a living, running a business, managing a family.
* A conservative smaller government is the ONLY fair, moral, positive answer to ALL issues!
* I'm here to beg YOU to join with fellow small government types to more effectively get the message out about the need for less government.
* Factually, the left is at WAR with America, hell the world!
* Constitutional friend requests & followers invited!
* Are you an ACTIVIST? Then post this everywhere.
* #MAGA #KAG #NeverVoteDemocrat #BuildTheWall

And they say voter fraud doesn't exist...

✅ As a former business owner in the hospitality field, we feel almost the pain owners are experiencing. #NeverTaos✅ As a...
What Would a U.S. Travel Sector Bailout Look Like?

✅ As a former business owner in the hospitality field, we feel almost the pain owners are experiencing. #NeverTaos
✅ As a very Constitutional conservative oriented member of the public, I don't like government bailouts AND never trust they're anything more than "feel good" legislation.
✅ Where do you stand on the Chinese Flu bailout ideas?
✅ What do you think of loading extraneous unrelated laws in any bailout bill?
✅ How can/do we make the CCP accountable/responsible to the millions of people in the USA injured by their creating, deceiving, lying, covering up, etc. the Wuhan Flu?
✅ Have you talked to/written your lawmaker or candidates about those questions?

With the U.S. travel industry in full collapse, industry groups flocked to Capitol Hill this week with the hopes of spurring the government to provide

Memo outlines budget hole for New Mexico state government
Memo outlines budget hole for New Mexico state government

Memo outlines budget hole for New Mexico state government

SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — The economic fallout in New Mexico from the coronavirus pandemic is likely to wipe out between $2.1 billion and $3.9 billion in previously anticipated state government income...

* Not often George Buffett makes a $50 BILLION dollar error!* Sort of suggests that the travel industry is in for tough ...
US airline stocks tumble after Buffett sells whole stakes

* Not often George Buffett makes a $50 BILLION dollar error!
* Sort of suggests that the travel industry is in for tough times.
* Thank heavens we are no longer dependent on travelers.
* If you are involved with hospitality, we wish you success!

Airline shares were headed for another day of sharp declines, this time after Warren Buffett said Berkshire Hathaway's cashed out of its stakes in the four largest carriers.

Slenes Realty Consultants, Inc.
Slenes Realty Consultants, Inc.

Slenes Realty Consultants, Inc.

✅ Seems that the Flu pandemic is going to hurt the RE market significantly starting right now!
✅ If you company transfers you, salability of your existing home and findability of a new home in a different market BOTH need to be considered.
✅ With a decline in sales, the first thing I'll be advising seller clients is to make the house as close to making a perfect first impression as you can - before you list it!
✅ Since none of us really KNOW what the impact of CV-19 is/will be, counsel #2 is to be ready for a variety of experiences from showing issues to purchase agreements with different terms to appraisal issues to financing questions.
✅ In the end, we wish every friend, client, and connection the best through these very different times for our country and all citizens.


✅ Much of my business experience is in hospitality & real estate.
✅ Over 50 years of that history, we've been through several recessions and business downturns.
✅ The Chinese Flu is simply put the most serious ill causing situation over the last 50 + years.
✅ To say that we're thankful that we are not in the hospitality business, especially in Taos, is an understatement. #NeverTaos
✅ Folks, the Chinese Communist Party AND our government have thrown virtually EVERY small business person under the bus.
✅ I personally wish everyone I've known & competed with over the last 50 years good health and a successful return to functioning.

Slenes Realty Consultants, Inc.
Slenes Realty Consultants, Inc.

Slenes Realty Consultants, Inc.

✅ I've considered myself generally as an optimist for 55 years.
✅ I don't recall how many "recessions" I've experienced.
✅ Immediate past history relates to doing business in the totally business unfriendly hamlet of #NeverTaos! There, for reasons truly unknown, the Town decided to run me (after 45 years) out of town. We experienced quarantine for about 2 years before finally being able to exit.
✅ Recent memory brings up the 2008 Obama depression. We frankly never recovered from that debacle.
✅ Just before that was 9/11. We thought we were recovered in 2006-2007 / SUCKER!
✅ My point is that I don't hear anyone talking facts about the impact of shuttering most business & employment.
✅ The attached article talks about mortgage loan payment problems that are already impacting 6% of all loans. Who knows what the ultimate number will be - 8% - 10% - more!
✅ Who's it gonna be? You, family, friends, neighbors, cco-workers. The negative of this Chinese flu is beyond our imagination.
✅ This optimist is concerned to the max that this upcoming year +/- is going to be harsh on many people.
✅ Hope you're not one of the victims off the lamo media hyped Wuhan Flu, health wise or financila wise!



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Our Story

Indian Hills Inn is (was) a 100+ year old business that the Town of Taos targeted and closed. John Slenes began his real estate career in Anchorage, Alaska in 1968 and continued it in Albuquerque beginning in 1969. Mr. Slenes’ hotel management began in 1973 in Farmington, adding Taos in 1975 and Roswell and portales later. Due to the Town of Taos extremely unfriendly attitude towards a 45 year business owner, this is now our #NeverTaos page.

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✅ Remember, the Indian Hills Inn is closed. ✅ New owners are doing extensive renovations/upgrades. ✅ Suzanne & I THANK the MILLION guests who visited the Inn over our 45 year tenure. In spite of VERY negative opinions of the tyrannical piss ant local government, we reminisce about having an exceptional experience with Guests at the front desk! #NeverTaos
How else does one come across a more enticing and enchanting opportunity to embrace a glimpse of New Mexico’s intoxicating reality! Taos, not for everyone but for some twice!