Italian apartment to rent

Italian apartment to rent Beautiful mountain apartment close to skiing and climbing with a private hot tub. Relax with a sparkling prosecco after a day of skiing or climbing.

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The soft and wrapping light of September creates shadows rich in details ☀💚 and while walking on paths embraced by almost fairytale nature we can recharge body, mind and soul with positive energy. ✨
Where in the Dolomites do you prefer to recharge your energy?
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Pic: Photography by Nicola Bonderer

September is the month of bright and clear days with excellent visibility, without the risk of summer thunderstorms. It is the month that provides us fantastic views with enchanting colors. 🍂☀️ Therefore, the right time to go hiking in the Dolomites on paths that are no longer crowded. Spending a few days on the hiking trails and the nights in the rifugi allows us to completely unplug. 🧡

Have you ever walked one of the 10 Dolomites High Routes? ☀️ One of the most evocative and also the longest one, is the Alta Via delle Dolomiti N° 2 also called "High Route of Legends". A route of 180 km and 11,000 meters in altitude consisting of 14 stages that connects Bressanone to Feltre and runs through the provinces of Bolzano, Trento and Belluno. 🌄😍

In the central stages you will start from the San Pellegrino Pass and walk along the Pale di San Martino, above Falcade, passing through the Mulaz Refuge, with a possible ascent to the top, shown here in the picture, up to the Treviso refuge, and then to Feltre. 🌄

This excursion is challenging and therefore suitable for hikers in excellent physical condition with a good sense of orientation and mountaineering experience (climbing up to grade II).
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Pic: Falcade Dolomiti

Photos taken from the apartment.

Photos taken from the apartment.


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Arabba, il nostro piccolo gioiello ancora di bianco vestito, vi augura una piacevole serata e un buon weekend! 🤩❄️😍

📸 by Alpenweerman

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“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” ❤ – Karl Lagerfeld

This is how we felt, when we saw this picture. You really need to catch the right moment and even though the object you take a picture of, is perfect, in the end, it all comes back to light. ☀🌄 Capturing the right light in fact turns the ordinary into the magical. 💫

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Pic: Fabian Dalpiaz Photography


Spring is a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be. 🥰🌸

Crocuses herald the end of winter. Along with the snowdrops (Galanthus), they are the harbingers of spring and are therefore among the first flowers in spring. The flowers bloom in a variety of bright colours including purple to lavender, yellow, cream and white. ☀

Did you know that there are also autumn crocuses? These flowers bloom from September to November.
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Pic: Johannes Plenio

One day we will be back.

One day we will be back.

In the right light, at the right time everything is extraordinary - Aaron Rose ❤😍
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Pic: Giuseppe Weiss


"Non importa quanto freddo sia l'inverno, dopo c'è sempre la primavera" cit. E. Vedder 🌷🌺🌸🌼

Foto arichivio Arabba Fodom Turismo

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I love these mountains.

I love these mountains.

Did you know that 240 million years ago the Dolomites were a tropical sea with cliffs and atolls located at the height of the equator? 🤓🌍

90 million years ago, the African Plate began to move towards Europe, and the Dolomites were raised without being deformed and traveled north for 3.000 km.

Today they are the most beautiful mountains in the world and unique because at sunset they take on a pink color that gradually changes to purple. This magical phenomenon is called Enrosadira and has absolutely to be put on your bucket list! 😍

Have you already experienced the magic of Enrosadira? Let us know where you have been when the Pale Mountains turned pink! ❤✨
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Photos from Baita Ciadinat's post

Photos from Baita Ciadinat's post


A daughter who serves, A sister who loves,
A mother who bears, A friend who cares.
Bestower of love, life, friendship and trust,
A picture of poise, strength and grace.
A dreamer, achiever, a winner all along -
We celebrate you, the phenomenal Women today! ✨

Happy Women’s Day! 🌼 😍
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Dawn is a truly magical moment: wrapped in absolute silence and embraced by enchanting nature, we greet the day. Mornings like these remain etched in our hearts forever! Happy Sunday everyone! ❤️
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Pic: Matthias Gasser


The first Italian Decree of the new Draghi Government extends once again the restrictions with the closure of the lifts until April 6, 2021. So, after Christmas, New Year and Carnival, also Easter wanes, the last occasion of the winter season in which skiing could have been combined with a vacation in the Dolomites.

Therefore, we have to inform you that unfortunately the lifts of Dolomiti Superski will not open this winter season. There is still the possibility that some ski areas will individually open a few lifts after the date set by the Decree, if the conditions exist.

All rebalancing measures for skipass holders, relating to the interruption of the winter season 2019-20 season, will obviously be valid during the next winter season 2021-22.

The past few months have been months of hope and constant illusions for all those who work in winter tourism in our ski resorts and of course for you too, fond of the Dolomites and of skiing.

What remains is the passion for our job. We look ahead and focus on preparation for the summer season, for the Dolomiti Supersummer.

We look forward to seeing you again soon! ❤️
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Pic: Kronplatz


Oggi ad Arabba ci sarà il passaggio della famigerata "Winter Race", la gara di regolarità per auto storiche! 🏁

Il transito delle auto ad Arabba è previsto per le ore 11:00, non perdertele!! 🤩🚗✌️🤙



The best way to boost our energy 🔋 is a daily dose of great outdoors. Snow-capped peaks, white sparkling landscape, bright blue sky ❄☀ – it really makes us feel at one with nature and enables us to slow down. 🙂
What do you do to free your mind?
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Pic: 3 Zinnen Dolomites


We start the new week with the meteorological beginning of spring and are surrounded by a matchless winter landscape. ☀❄️ There is still a lot of snow and sun, what we really miss is YOU! 💙
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Morning is not only sunrise, but a gorgeous miracle of nature, that defeats darkness and spreads light. ☀

Have a beautiful day! 😍

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Pic: Alessio Crepaz

Photos from Arabba Fodom Dolomites's post

Photos from Arabba Fodom Dolomites's post

Photos from HOTEL GENZIANA's post

Photos from HOTEL GENZIANA's post

So beautiful.

So beautiful.

Photos from Dolomiti Superski's post

Photos from Dolomiti Superski's post

Dolomiti Superski

Dolomiti Superski

Pure magic! 🤩✨We can't wait to show you this spectacle live! ❤
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Pic: Giuseppe Weiss

Arabba Fodom Dolomites

Arabba Fodom Dolomites

Oggi #Cherz si presentava così in tutta la sua bellezza 💙Grazie a Marina per lo splendido scatto📸 #arabba #fodom #dolomites

Arabba Fodom Dolomites

Arabba Fodom Dolomites

At this hour a long serpent of torches descended from Mount Burz to Arabba, illuminating it even more.
This year the Torchlight Walk with the Arabba Ski and Snowboard School and the Ski & Snowboard School Dolomites Réba cannot take place, but we want to remind you of it.
In addition, if you like, you can insert your photo in the comments, for a virtual exchange of New Year’s Greetings, waiting to see us again in 2021.

Primiero O Week

J my assistance dog and I feature briefly in the video. A great opportunity to visit the Dolomites.

Video Passo Valles 12th July - Primiero O-Week 2019
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Arabba Fodom Dolomites

Arabba Fodom Dolomites

🤍 The Beauty🤍
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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

We wish you a nice and truthful Christmas, made up of things that really matter! Put your worries aside and remember all those things that have enriched you this year. Ease and joy should accompany you today! ✨😍
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Pic: Seiser Alm / Alpe di Siusi

Baita Ciadinat

Baita Ciadinat

🌟Auguriamo un sereno Natale a tutti con questo video creato da un nostro affezionato cliente e amico 🌟
Merry Christmas to you all 🎅🏼🎄💫

Dolomiti Superski

This is fun to watch.

A weekend dedicated to the Ski World Cup! Tomorrow we will follow the giant slalom in Alta Badia and cheer for the best racers who will compete on the legendary Gran Risa, one of the most famous and beautiful slopes in Italy. 💥 Would you like to experience this absolute adrenaline rush on the dizzying hills of this black slope? Let's go! 😍💪⛷
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🎥 Südtirol bewegt - Alto Adige da vivere

Dolomiti Superski

Dolomiti Superski

4 races, 2 places and 1 passion ❤ - this is what happens over the coming days in the Dolomites. ⛷⛷ Perfect slopes conditions and a beautiful winter landscape await the athletes. We will cheer from home! 🤩

18.12.2020 - MEN'S SUPER-G in Val Gardena
19.12.2020 - MEN'S DOWNHILL in Val Gardena
20.12.2020 - MEN'S GIANT SLALOM in Alta Badia
21.12.2020 - MEN'S SLALOM in Alta Badia

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🎥 Matteo Agreiter


71 San Giovanni, Livinallongo Del Col Di Lana, Belluno


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